Shocked at the results - why is re-calculating your score an option?

I was being cautious but really thought I was close to 80% on that exam. Failed at band 6. Thought I scored 100% (with one or two errors) on Equity and FRA, but got <=50 on both. Only score above 70 was ethics, which I thought I bombed.

It’s all jumbled … I’m in complete shock. There is literally no way this is a mistake, right? (says the typical deluded failed candidate).

Does anyone know WHY the CFA offers the opportunity to retabulate? As in, why is that an option if it never makes a difference.

That is scary. The only way I can figure that would happen is if you filled in bubbles wrong somehow. Otherwise they could have mixed up test scores which I hope to god I didn’t get your results and yours mine somehow.

How were you doing on the mocks simply?

Around 70ish, maybe a little higher. I feel like such a tool because I wasn’t even studying much in the past week because I thought I KNEW the material.

The quant and econ sections are the biggest shocks. I remember being sure I got virtually all of those questions correct… and yet <=50 on both as well?

I was just googling about the retabulation and I can’t find a single example of someone getting things overturned so that’s depressing.

I passed but this happened to me on Quant Level I test. I knew every question on Quant except one and I still failed that section. To this day, I wonder if CFA can make mistakes in their scantrons. I still wrote CFAI but they were like why are you writing us because you passed. LOL

I feel for you.

I think the retabulation is to make sure CFAI didn’t make a mistake, or it might catch a user error where the wrong marking instrument was used (not #2 pencil, for example). I have to say, it’s most likely that either you messed up the order in which you filled bubbles, or you fell for every trap. CFAI wants people to leave the exam confident whether they failed or not. typically only the people who really grasped the nuances will get passing scores. The wrong answers are almost always plausible for someone who knows the material 80% instead of 95%.

I am shocked as well. Is it possible from band 8 last year to band 2? I was pretty confident when I got out of that exam! Yes, am going for a re-tabulation!!!

Has any1 ever succeeded in a re-calculation?

I’ll be brutally honest, the fact that you have the reference ‘C.F.A.’ in your signature leads me to think that you don’t fully understand the material or appreciate it’s concepts. It’s an ethics violation on two counts. The fact that you can’t even get that right makes me think there is no way you did as well as you think.

The two violations I’m referring to? 1) you can’t use punctuation; and 2) the inclusion in your signature suggests/implies you are a charterholder, which you are not.

I’d really like to know that as well…

I failed band 7, 2nd time retaker, I was pretty confident when I left the exam and I thought they didn’t have a lot of traps this year. Now I completely forgot what there was in the exam apart from a few questions, so I can’t really say if the results are realistic.

I know I had erased a couple of answers in ethics and left some marks, but that’s not going to bring me to a pass!

I’m actually quite happy to leave CFA life in exchange for more free time and a social life, the most painful thing right now is telling all those people that I didn’t pass, especially after saying that I had a good feeling about this exam…

So I’m very curious, has anyone had any changes at all in the results after a retabulation?

I think the whole retabultion option is just for people like you to have one last hope… >_< (so sorry to say this)

NO ONE knows exactly how well they do on the exam, and though you may be confident but it’s likely you fell into the traps on the exam, meaning you calculated the mostly common incorrect answer which is also one of the choices.

It is also possible that you used the wrong pencil but i think that chance is slim to none.

There is also a more likely reason, you probably interpret the questions wrong - meaning you thought they were asking A but they were referring to B.

In any case, you should not be too angry or frustrated - it happens to everyone!

Good luck!


I’m sure you are missing the fact that C.F.A could also mean - Contract Flooring Association or Consumer Finance Association. For your argument to be valid, you must be able to prove that this individual is indeed making reference to Chartered Financial Analyst designation -

True, but the fact that he’s posting in a CFA forum would imply he is referring to the institute. I’m not arguing with your point, just pointing out that if he really thinks that is acceptable then I honestly don’t think he should be as confident as he was.

Your assumptions were backed only by other assumptions. Nothing substantial, at least not enough to justify the lashing out you dished. The dude could have simply been a proud member of Chinese Football Association. The fact that he sought to use periods in between the letters even makes it less suspect.

Cheese Farmer Association

Christian Fellowship Assembly

Comic Fanatic Association

Colleagues & Friends Appreciation

California Fraternal Association

Centre For Astrophysic

Cubby Female Alliance


CFA = Chicken For Alladin.

You are right, I am naive, I apologise to the dedicated cheese farmer.

If I were you I would definitely pay the $100 for the retabulation, sounds like you got screwed.

It stands for Chick-Fil-A.

And I’m pretty sure that’s an intentional joke of a signature; who really gives an isht even if it isn’t. It’s not like he is putting his analyst forum posts on a resume for people to look at.

Just to follow up on what other people have said…I failed Band 5.

I was crushing the EOC’s and did really well with the mock. I have no clue what happened, am still in shock. Yes ethics was hard but felt very confident on the other sections. This makes no sense. I was able to identify lots of traps and tricks and change my answers accordingly. I studied straight from the CFAI text.

I know retab is a long shot but for $100 the risk/reward ratio is pretty good. I feel awful today don’t know if I should give up with this damn program.

I knew the concepts, formulas, rules, exceptions, all of that crap failing makes no sense.

i know it must feel pretty awful, but if you are looking for someone to give your money, why not donate it to the Red cross? There has been no known case of a successful retabulation and it is probably in CFAI’s interest to keep things this way