shoot me now

I can’t find my book 5 of the curricullum, Equity and FI valuation.

Sorry man. Too inconvenient. This is one you will have to do for yourself.

if your in NYC I could help you out…I’m sure you’ll be ok though

have you already read it though? what area you in?

Yeah I found my book 5…a little late now. I read through it once, and did poorly on the last exam in bond valuation that is why I was looking for it. Oh well, I guess I will go to bed now, maybe read it during the break.

good luck to you… remember to go through alternative investments… there seem to be quite a few easy marks if you know your stuff…

“Shoot me now” - that’s classic! I feel the same way.

Shoot me now. Its worth keeping this thread alive just to see that subject on the forum.