Short the dollar

These f-ing idiots in Washington, like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Henry Paulson, people who are in critical positions of power yet endlessly complain about lack of proper regulation in the very markets they indirectly oversee, have put this country on the track for a true financial crisis. I am not articulate enough to describe how despicable and incompetent these people are. We might not get there, but we’re certainly on track for a meltdown. It’s frightening - I honestly mean that. Dont think that an Argentina-style crisis can’t happen here. What happens if $90b for AIG isn’t enough? What happens if Citigroup goes down? FNM/FRE - where will it end? The BSC bailout obviously didn’t do sh*t, and Paulson sounds like that lunatic Iraqi general now every time he opens his mouth - can someone explain to him that his credibility is gone? I’m watching my government break laws and skirt the rules that facilitated our country’s very success, and why? So a bunch of politicians can prop up their approval ratings, feel loved by their constituents, and act like they’re “doing something.” We f-ed up and now we have to take our lumps, we cant just keep going double-or-nothing at every taxpayer’s expense. But they will, and soon the balance sheet of the USA will be wrecked too. It’s pretty much that simple. That’s the end of my rant…didn’t know where else to vent.

Definitely…dollar will be like Zimbabwe’s currency once China cuts our lifeline.