Shortfall costs

Can some one with CFAI book list em for me here? was doing CFAI 2006 exam and was wondering if names of componenets got changed since then

And if LHOC is in the books too :slight_smile:

Explicit Costs Realized P/L Costs (Mkt impact Costs) Delay Cost Missed Trade Opportunity Cost LHOC???

I dont think it is in 2008 LOSes

every time i see a new term, i get a mini panic attack did - a) i not study it b) i studied it but have absolutely no recollection c) its in the course but schweser missed it… again!

Any idea what it stands for??

LHOC (average of the Lowest, Highest, Opening and Closing prices)… google!

ah…someone did mention that a while ago.

The average of Low, High Open and Close prices.

I believe I saw a question comparing contrast VWAP and LHOC in one of the past CFAI exam.

CFAI explans this concept much better than schwissy

ws, yep, that is it. I answered correctly, just said just closing price, didnt know what LHOC is. Was also wondering if CFAI does compute market impact as execution price - close date price, if execution occured on the day different from they day that order was put in