Shoud I Do the Topic Tests !!!! Which ones?

Sup Guys,

Really lagging behind…any quick suggestion which topic tests to do? Which subjects are really good practice…can’t do all so please reply with your optimal opinion…thanks …all the best to you all

Anyone can comment on this?

Go for your weak areas.

Yaa I think i will end up doing that only…thanks bro

Just do all of the topic tests, dont have to actually do them, just look at the answers!

Did you do reading 23? There is a concept called stratified sampling…

if it makes you feel any better, back during the level 2 days i had randomly discovered the online topic tests around midnight the night before the exam, and freaked myself out that i didn’t do enough prep as a result, so i ignored it and ultimately passed…

so on other words if you’re up to speed on the subject matter and mocks then you should be ok w/o having done the topic tests

good luck

Maybe optimization would do better job since count for correlation among questions.

Yeah for all 3 levels, unless they’re part of the mock, I usually avoid the topic tests. I really just focus on CFA mocks, EOC, bluebox and spot check certain concepts with my notes.