Should 4 months be enough for Level II preparation with 3 hours a day?

What you guys think? please share your thoughts about that

4 months × 30 days/month × 3 hours/day = 360 hours.

Should be enough if you’re focused.

How smart are you?

If you work on weekends for more than 3 hours a day, it is definitely do-able. I did it.

I think so. It all depends on how familiar you are with the subjects. If you are then you will move faster versus someone who is not familiar. But as an average I think 360 to 400 hour is good.

Should be able to work. The issue is consistency I guess.

Seeing that we are roughly 6 months away from June, would you consider using the whole 6 instead of 4?

sure it’s possible. but everything is possible.

June 6th is five months away, not six.

Actually, i will start from February.

Thats what I did last year, failed band 9 but you can definetly do it. Hammer the heavily weighted areas the most but don’t overlook the small one’s either. Leave a full month at the end for mocks, EOC’s and blue boxes. Get the Wiley notes if you can, far better than Schweser in my opinion.

i think that will work … 3 hour every day is pretty good

i’m on the same case w you, i bring cirriculum to my company but i can’t even enough concentrate to complete 1 reading in few days. The biggest problems are concentration and persistance. Try more, 4 months left.

For anyone that knows finance reasonably well and did well on L1, 360 hours of study time should suffice.