should i apply? advice needed!

i work in a small hf shop doing a mixture of mo and fo work. the company i am at have extensive links with a top tier research house. The research house is currently looking a an analyst for their pe arm… i’m keen to apply but i’m worried that my boss would find out (the circle is small here, and word gets around quickly). if i didn’t get the job, and my boss finds out, it would be awkward for me… (probably difficult for me to progress here) Should I apply or pass on this opportunity? advice needed!

Too risky IMO.

If you are looking to leave the hf, apply. If you would consider leaving, but are also fairly content at your current shop, don’t apply – too risky. You could miss the offer and the hose yourself at work, and then you would have nothing.

if you have a close relationship with your boss. you might as well tell him or her about it before you apply. I once applied for a position at a company i used to work for and i told my boss about it and where i ultimately wanted wanted to end up at. For the most part they would understand, why would they want you to stop progress in your career? Shoot… from what i remember, she was wishing me luck and even wrote the recruiter an email saying all these great things about me that were lies at the time…

In theory your bosses shouldn’t care, and should support whatever is best for you - in reality I doubt this is usually the case, however.

this could easily trickle back. best to be upfront, maybe ask his opinion. make sure you have a good chance at this posting before you step in front of a truck though.

hmmm, good thread. I would do it if i didnt like my current role.