Should I be going Crazy

All - not sure what to do. I have taken 8 mocks (6 Kaplan 2 CFAI) and have scored between 38/60 - 42/60 on almost all of them (one 52/60 and one 33/60). Should I be panicking? I’m hoping a 40/60 on each section is good enough.

42/60 is what you should aim for at minimum to be comfortable. At 38/60, its probably a coin toss which for some could be great but for others could be bad.

If you do less than ten mocks you are not prepared for the exam.

lol that’s subjective. I’ve done 8 and I feel fine. Not worried. Also, not doing any more.

What you doing the rest of the 6 days remaining?

i think people like this, myself included since my overall mock averages are only slightly better at around 73.5 total over 8 mocks, it will just come down to whether we get a bad sample of 120 questions lol

ive pretty much covered the entire curriculum though. However, I definitely have my strengths vs weaknesses. So if my strengths are tested, it will be no issues .

if not? Gonna be a long Saturday

video summary lectures for all readings. In IFT, flash cards for formulas I am rusty on. Reviewing CFAI TTs, and mock exams (primarily questions I missed)

then I am hitting ethics HARD Wednesday and Thursday. Particularly ROS cause CFAI lovessss it.

then Friday very light brushing up, keeping formulas fresh and mostly resting. Probably will get an hour massage Friday afternoon haha

I mean by looking at my comparisons with others I’m over 10% better than others…which gives me some comfort.

You’ll be ok. Just keep reviewing until Thursday. Going over your weaknesses. Eat healthy, get good rest etc

I have one more mock left. Should I do that or do the questions from the CFAI website? All I really need is 1 or 2 questions and I think I am fine (if not already)

Yes the new website design facilitates reviewing and tracking your mistakes

If it is a CFAI mock, then definitely do it.

Yeah that’s totally subjective. Some people learn in different ways. I learn best through reading. I’ve done 0 full-on mocks thus far, choosing to focus on topic-by-topic questions and readings.

Plan to hit a few mocks this week (Mon-Wed), but saying that 10 is the minimum is just ridiculous in my opinion. Maybe mocks work best for you, and that’s how you learn, but I took very few full-on mocks last year for Level 1 and was fine.

I did 3 at level 1 and only one at L2 and it went just fine :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly don’t think the number of quality mocks with new questions is higher than probably 2-5. Prep providers just make questions for the sake of making questions what I remember from L1.

The most important part of the practice is building stamina for test day.

You will be okay if your performance on CFAI EOC and online topic tests has been above 70 on average. I only did one mock for level 2 and it was the Monday before my test. Then I revisited the topic tests that beat the crap out of me since I logged it all in an excel sheet.

My mock is a Schweser one I did Mock A and B (got a 65 and 68 with a few dumb mistakes that have been cleaned up)