should i be in the cfa programme?

i am currently persuing an accouting course (c.a) and would get my c.a degree in 2015.i am pretty young at the moment (20).i want to have a career in finance(particularly stock analysis or investment banking).i have enrolled for the dec level 1 exam and i should have asked this question beforehand but is the cfa programme appropriate for me? plus do you think c.a+c.f.a is a better combo than having just one of the two? thanks

programme? wtf is that? its PROGRAM. So no, you should not be in the program because A) you cannot spell and B) you most likely cannot do math. i wonder how u got to level 2…

already looked at it and didnt find it useful…

It’s the British spelling. You know: the folks who devised English.

Perhaps you shouldn’t be in the programme because:

  1. You seem to know less about spelling than meeee20’s
  2. There’s no evidence that your mastery of math is any better than meeee20’s
  3. Your penchant for unjustified extrapolation suggests that a career in finance is ill-advised

one thing for sure, cfa program wont give you c.f.a

only CFA

theres a few post in AF that CFA chartered is not very well recognised in India, you might want to double check on that

thats true actually because its like a distance learning course and they aren’t highly valued here(except for c.a as a c.a has statutory powers) but i was looking more for global jobs…can a cfa help me get a job in finance or credit or anything i mentioned above in u.s or any other country for that matter?

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I know a few persons who have completed CA and are pursuing CFA. The CFA charter is slowly gaining recognition in India. You would have to gain the requisite work experience before applying for the charter.

CFa and CA though are completely different. not sure If they are complementary. CFA is a self study program and anyone who knows what it is would not consider it a distance learning course. As you shall see at level II and III , it is a rigorous course and requires effort to study and pass it.

I would say go for it. Study while you are young.

i heard from some people that a level 3 pass out and a charterholder are considered almost the same platform…is it so? what i meant to say was that courses where u dnt go to college are unfortunately considered less creditable in india…

If you are an MBA (Distance Education) then perhaps yes. If you have passed 3 levels, have work experience and yet have chosen not to take the charter,then maybe you are considered on par but without work ex, NO.

I guess you live under a rock. That’s how it is in the UK

so, if one is ignorant about spelling and is american, they are a moron, correct? I suppose you are a mouron if you are ignorant about spelling but live in basically any other country, the U.K., or YOU.K. as spelled in the _ 'Merican _ dictionary

i’d say that there is no harm in enrolling for CFA level 1 in the interest of learning. It probably won’t do a lot for your cv though.

continuing to level 2 is a different matter, i think you need to have an undergrad degree to do level 2 anyway but unless you’re planning on getting a grad job in the industry then it’s probably too much effort/opportunity cost for the reward.

lol, great response.

Lmao. The dude is 20 years old and a bunch of you trolls are in here flaming the kid. Props to him for getting started on this quest, I wish I would have started when I was 20 (I am 24 now starting L1). I was too busy getting sh!tfaced with the boys and meeting women when I was 20, and didn’t even know what the CFA was.

I beg to differ. If he goes to apply for a summer internship as a junior and he already has the L1 covered, this will give him a major head on all the other applicants. Not to mention how easy his senior classes will be once he is done the CFA L1.

well the thing is am a chartered accountant(going to become one actually) and c.a is a quite respected profession here and with an All india rank am sure of landing myself a pretty well paying job… but C.A’s usually dnt get a job as an analyst(they are usually employed in audit,accounts consolidation,credit etc) and stock markets and other finance stuff has always allured me Since i was like 11…so can this C.a(rank)+CFA (plus working as intern analyst while persuing cfa l3)help me land as an analyst with a pay as good as i would get if i entered the typical C.A job?