should i bother with level 2?

The main reason why I wanted to take these exams is because once I passed all three, I’d break in to the finance industry. However, I’m not sure if this is the case nowadays.

People tell me how the actual people that get in are those with connections, experience in the field, or an unbelievable resume. passing all three is a plus but that’s all. this is what I keep hearing from others.

I do not have any of those. I come from a non finance background. no experience in finance jobs, whatsoever.

So my question is, should i bother with taking level 2? and then hopefully level 3 just so that I can break into this industry?

Well some of the richest people in the world today don’t even have a high school education. You can feasibly do whatever you want if you work hard. Passing the CFA exams wouldn’t hurt though. It would at least get your foot in the door.

No way, dont do it.

You wanna go work in finance go convince someone to hire you. Then think about this exam.

yeah, that was what i was thinking too. maybe take the exam once i’m in the industry and not before it.

Ya dude… Search about SAP… It is also a very rewarding field these days !!

what is sap? u mean the company?

SAP is a software product basically which helps organisation run their business. Some kind of standard business process management! (as I understand it)

Those jobs are pretty hot right now in the market, so I think SpyAli was referring to it!

Yeah its an ERP software… Has different modules for different fields… Mostly being implemented in MNC and manufacturing concern these days… But even banks are going for it now… Search about FICO module !!