should i buy elan pensin video ?

I have tried my best still uncleear on calculations in pensions in FRA

Should i buy elans pension chapter video? ANybody used it ? Howz it ?

Didn’t Elan upload that video for free? They’ve written in their study notes that they would upload the pensions video for free.

Nevertheless, IMO you should rather buy the Elan’s Pensions notes. I did not benefit much from the video but the notes made it very clear.

Dont tell me its free

I purchased the Elan 11th hour guide on FRA…it was enough for me for clarify it in my mind. I also referenced som CPA books that cleared it up (ones we had lying around where I work)

I highly recommend that particular video from Elan. It was all made clear to me when I watched it. Buy it.

Yes i bought it for 20$

Pension is 5% of syllabus .

wow amazing video feeling so much more confident

told you so. it’s the best video from Elan for sure in terms of return on your money.

Just make to write everything down that you understand so it’s clear to you. It was all clear to me after watching the video and now 3 months later I’m not feeling so strong. I might watch this video again right before the exam.

YEAH will solve few caselets on evening. Will revise in 1 week .This is 5% of exam

I am really getting butchered in CFA questions from intercorporate investments in mocks and other tests also. Should i also buy video on intercorporate investments from elan sad

I think all the videos from Elan are good. They’ll give you an intuitive feel for the subject.

Pensions video was the most effective for me though. The intercorporate stuff I didn’t struggle as much to understand from Schweser text.

I agree. I hadnt done 2nd pass for corpfin and when i saw elan videos were all 2 hour plusn per corpfin subject, i borrow my friend’s schweser video on corpfin. Yes i watched all schweser corpfin videos in half a day on thursday. The problem is i then struggled when doing eoc. I performed much much more poorly in corpfin than any other topics so far (for others i watched elan’s)

Now i have to watch elan videos for corpfin

Elan videos are available on torrent ?

I bought their premium package so it’s included

I wished elan videos come upto 300$ sad