Should I buy new Schweser in 2008 or study from 2007 schweser??

Hi, Iam little confused about-should I buy new schweser 2008 or study from 2007 schweser books since there has been a little change in syllabus. Some helpful inputs r really appreciated. Thanks

I would recommend buying Schweser 2008 as there is a real change in the syllabus. Vopics have been moved around from other 2 levels and there are some additions/deletions too.

have they improved the portfolio section, and other sections which were not covered adequetly in 2007?

I am not in a position to compare the two schwesers as i did not take the exam in 2007. regards

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From what I’ve heard from the Schweser videos is that Alternative Investments is a new section in 2008 and they increased the portfolio management section.

Yes, you should buy the new material. The material has changed quite a bit… it is not worth it to read the old material as the new material may be tested heavily on this years exam. Even if you knew the 2007 material VERY well you could fail very easily if most of the new test questions tested new material (2008).

does anyone have the link that shows the changes y/y?