Should I buy new study material?

I didn’t passed December 2007 CFA Level I exam. I used schweser study material. I am registering for June 2008 Level I and CFA Institute will provide with textbooks and I am planning to use the same schweser material that I used last time. I checked the schweser website and they say that there have been several changes to LOS and recommend new material. Does anybody know how true is this? and is it worth buying the new material? Thanks

You must decide for yourself; I had the same predicament last year and my decision was to purchase new material since I didn’t have the time (or so I thought) to go through the old material and look for (and look up) changes and deviations.

How significant are the changes in the CFA study material?I purchased December 2007 CFA curriculum but did not eventually sit for the Exam.I am currently reading the same books for the June 2008 Exam.Is it a waste of time reading them in the meanwhile before i get the 2008 June Curriculum?