Should I do CAIA?

Hey All, I just gave CFA Level2 exam this june. Now I am planning to do CAIA Level1 this Sept. Currently I am working in backend Equity Research role. One more thing I am not from finance background. I was master in engineering and after working 2 years in Semiconductor industry I switched in Finance domain. So as of now no finance degree as CFA is not completed yet. Do you think CAIA is worth doing. I saw their curriculum which is very much focused and less than CFA. Is CAIA along with CFA has more value. My thought was if I clear CFA L2 and CAIA L1 this sept, next year in June I can write CFA Level3 and then CAIA Level2. So in one year I have two finance degree together. So do you think its worth to spend $2400 doing CAIA. Also because books are not available so have to buy them with additional cost. My company is not going to pay for it. So I have to spend my own money. So you all please suggest me is it worth to doing? Thanks