should I do nothing after I pass the level 3

I pass the level 3, so far no job offer.

so everyday I almost do nothing except go fishing.

I remember in June, there are some person gives me help, like cpk123…

hope he/she also pass the exam, thanks

How about instead of going fishing everyday, you go to networking events, cold contact companies, send out resumes, etc. Persistence will pay off in the end.


CFA networking event once a year. it is not like fish market. everyday we can …

cold contact not working in singapore

Update your linkedin profile - saying that you Passed L3 and recruiters will digg you.

lingping, did you pass bro?

I didn’t mean CFA networking events exclusively. There are other “business” networking events that I’m sure you can attend.

If your an avid fisherman, you should know to cast a wider net.


linping, I remember you…

I went fishing too…caught no fish…

Did you really think the CFA would bring about a slew of job offers? Do you think you are better than everyone else now that you passed L3? Hate to break it to you, but your CFA designation is only 10% of your story. It’s up to you to work on the other 90%.

And even if the other 90% is solid, that’s not enough. You can be the smartest guy in the room, but if no one knows that, then no one will hire you. In other words, NETWORK.