Should I do one final mock the day before the exam?

I have only done 4, and feel like maybe I should do one final one? Or should I just review my weak points?

Resting is not an option as I would get even more stressed. I prefer being confident on the exam day and know that I have done whatever I could.

and run a marathon before the marathon? I would not… maybe just keep yourself updated with formulae, etc…

I’d advise against it.

Light review, skim Ethics, formulae, and lists. Get some rest. Relax. Go ride a horse. (But don’t fall off.)

Sound advice. Thank you!

My pleasure.

I plan to skim through mocks with answers…Limiting exertion but keeping it all fresh and allowing me to keep my week points fresh.

Thanks guys - needed that reinforcement this morning. Freaking out just a bit about my consistently-62% mock scores this week.

  1. Formulae, just keep revising - if possible try and write down from memory topic by topic!

I am doing a mock today but not under exam like conditions. I think it is worth your time as it is certainly worth mine.

time to carboload :smiley: