Should I enroll for LII?


last year, in june 17, i was failed at band 10 in my level ii exam. it was a very disappointing experience for me.

my situation is a bit complex. currently. i am unemployed. i have applied for some doctoral programs in finance but i don’t know that i will be admitted. the admission decisions will be announced in mid-april.

so i have two choices here:

  1. get a job and forget cfa (because i don’t know that i will have enough time for cfa. i haven’t started studying yet and by getting a job i will diminish my studying hours)

2a) stay unemployed and study for cfa

2b) stay unemployed and prepare for a doctoral program (revising calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, asset pricing and so on)

the deadline is approaching (14th feb) and i have to decide. i need some suggestions.


I think… pursuing a PhD in finance is going to be a path of great pain and unfulfillment if you think CFA is not incredibly easy.

I don’t see why CFA is exclusive from any of these options. You’re supposed to take the program while working full time…

i want to maintain a decent work/life balance. i workout a lot and got some hobbies.

furthermore, i do not see the connection between phd in finance and cfa. they are not related at all. yes, cfa is easy when compared to a phd. cfa requires a certain discipline of 5-6 months to study that mainly consists of remembering mundane formulas and rules. on the other hand, a phd requires years of discipline that should be concentrated on doing research.

Why do you need real analysis (essentially a study of the topology of the real numbers) for a PhD in finance?

If you think Grad School will improve your worklife balance, do I have some real estate for you in Florida.

It is possible you will go to a school with a great gym, it is also possible the prof responsible for your supervision is amazing. Some professors treat their grad students like slaves. You will have to teach, grade, and study/research. Obviously the CFA is a huge sync of time, but if you got Band 10, you can pass if you studied intelligently instead of wasting time posting on the Internet.

I would register… worse case you failed and lost another thousand bucks… best case you pass and do another 300 hours next year lol…

some proof techniques are required in graduate microeconomics. also, you have to pass math for econ which is basically linear algebra, calculus and a bit real analysis

i hope so mate. i also think that i failed at band10 because i wasted my time on stupid things. this time i will crush it if i enroll.

probably, i will. i think there is no better option at this time.

i have two paths, as you stated:

  1. enroll, pass and enroll for l3 next year

  2. don’t enroll and quit cfa

even though, benefits of cfa are quite ambigious for my career path, i don’t want to quit the path where i am already on the midpoint.