should i file a complaint to CFA?

alright check this out: i finish my AM test in about 2.5 hous, I pop out to the restroom and when I return the proctor who grabbed my test is gone and my test is off my desk. I look around and no proctors in site, I track down one of the proctors and ask for my test. they ask me for my seat number, etc, and they let me know that they cant locate my test. keep in mind clock is ticking here…finally the dunce who took my test returns and says oh hold on - i think i gave your test to someone else!!! are you kidding me? turns out she gave my test to some kid in another section and completely different seat number. what a joke right? they explain that this kid has been done for a while and they watched him the entire time and that he didnt touch anything and he was asleep, etc. they gave me my test back and its doubtful that he would have changed anything, (nor would I have known, as I was already done and couldnt remember every single answer)still its a weird scenario, that totally threw me off. before the PM section another proctor lets me know they will be filling out a report for the CFA on the incident… what should I do on this one, thoughts?

Wow. I would definitely file your own report because if the proctors are filing one you should make sure the CFAI gets your side of the story. I hope everything works out for you.

Definitely file something. If you have the names of the proctors / whoever involved, that would probably be useful too.

Wow… I would have lost it. I would file a report… for sure.

Definitely file a complaint. If you passed then no harm done. If you don’t then I believe they will give you a free test on December

This is crazy. Best exam day incident I have heard of. Think you should file a report. The only thing that would worry me is if it will automatically mean that you have to re-write the exam. Was not the most fun I have had on a Saturday.

thanks gents, i filed a report today. let you know what i hear, good luck.

dowen8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thanks gents, i filed a report today. let you know > what i hear, good luck. DOWEN8, can you please tell us the exam site/city of this intolerable mishap?

So what could happen, at best? It’s not like, they’ll curve you up or anything… It’s just a complain at the end of the day… Crap, I can’t even imagine the stress you had to go through!

Yes, you probably should file a complaint. What a mess!

OMG the proctors can be THAT irresponsible!! Never imagined that! I would definitely file the complaint and try to contact CFAI. I would go crazy with it

Did you notify the proctor that you were going to the washroom?

I would absolutely file a complaint and try to check over the answers and make sure non of them were changed.

yep definitely raised my hand let her know i was headed to the “wash room” :slight_smile: this mayhem took place in San Francisco. Best part was that I was sitting in section G, seat 22 - she gave my test to a gentleman sitting in section H, seat 32! not too mention the other guy was a foot shorter, a hundred pounds lighter and wearing glasses! who knows what they can/will do - probably nothing. i would not want to retake, as I took L1 in December '08, and ended up band 9.