Should I follow up now?

Everyone, I contacted an MBA Alumni, who runs a boutique VC company about 2 weeks ago. He called and we had a good conversation. Although, he mentioned that there are no positions available now, he said he could refer me to someone. I suggested that I was open to a 3 month internship, and after that time we could talk about a full time job. He was very interested in that idea and said he would get back to me… Now 2 weeks later…should I call me again??? Keep in mind I left about 2 messages before our initial conversation for a talk.

I would call or email.

Wait a minute… You first contacted him 2 weeks ago. Since then you left 2 messages and wondering if you should call him again 3rd time? I think you should’ve waited at least a week before contacting him. So this would have been either your first or second time. He might see you being very impatient. Plus, what the hell is “about 2 messages”, can you not keep count of how many messages you left for him? Are those voice messages on his phone or email messages? Maybe send him an email.

1 word - reading comprehension.

What a dumpie

Man, I apologize for the poor grammar. I’ve had a throbbing headache all day. I’ll just follow up with my contact at the end of the week. Thanks!