Should I get a retab?

No!!! When the results come out tomorrow, most of you will pass, but a few will fail. What invariably happens is that people will start to guesstimate what their scores were using the 40/60/80 method (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll find out soon enough) and some of the people who fail will discover that their ESTIMATED scores are as high or perhaps higher than the ESTIMATED scores of some people who passed the exam, and think that maybe a manual rescoring will produce a different result. It’s not gonna happen. Some people will think that maybe there was a problem with the way they filled in the bubbles which caused them not to be read by the machines, or maybe that they used the wrong pencil type. If that were the case then your name, ID number and other identifying info would not have been picked up on the top of the sheet and either you would have no score report at all (as they do with people who don’t show up or finish the exam), or the sheet would likely have kicked out of the scantron as an error and I’m sure they would have probably hand scored it if was a problem at that time. Don’t waste your time/energy/money. Once again, I hope that all of you pass and that there ends up having been no need for this post, but if you do fail, put it behind you and focus on getting it done this spring. Best of luck.

Yes, I think you should. None of here can believe that you passed. Must be a mistake.

Sorry you lost me at “None of here…”

There should be some noun type thing in there. I don’t proof my quips much. In fact, Super I knows more about accounting and FSA than any person alive as well as being pretty smart so it’s really no surprise that he passed.

Joey, I just (mostly) limit my posts to things I know really pretty well within the FSA/GAAP arena. For example, you’d be hard pressed to find me posting too many comments on pensions (my least favorite topic, a complete abomination of the matching principle)

Has anyone EVER heard of a positive result of requesting a retab?

Nope - although there was someone here a few years ago who suggested that he had and then disappeared before giving any details. Very unsettling.