should I give it one more time

Hi Guys,I gave CFA L1 dec’16 and got band 2,i’m not from a finance background and working in the commercial banking industry,although I couldn’t ga=ive the time to my preparation I wanted to because of my hectic work schedule,anyone here from commercial banking industry would feel the same,I’m still planning whether to give a go again for CFA L1 dec’17 or not.Anyone out there who has been in this state PL advise!!

Tell me about the interesting things you do in your off hours that are dissuading you from signing up.

Have you always not used spaces after your commas?

And PL for please, instead of plz?

And you gave level 1?

band 2 in L1. Did you intentionally pick out the worst possible answers…? There’s very little value in just passing L1 (unless it meets your academic curiousity, in which case there are better/cheaper/convenient options out there, like investopedia).​​​​​ So if you’re going for L1, go in with a mentality to pass all three exams. And based on your first try, be prepared to spend A TON of time doing so.

Spot on. I like this answer a lot. Is OP willing to put in the time to take all 3 exams? If not, there really is no point.

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Band 2 on level 1.

Give It Away, now…


boss!may be you should also give a suggestion apart from taking a dig at my grammer,but anyways,thanks for your comment.

What’re your goals and why did you get such a low score this past time, and do you think you’d be able to make sufficient changes such that you’d be able and willing to get the requisite work in to your schedule (i.e. 400 hours studying)?


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want to make my career in investment banking,actually, I could just give barely 2 months if I say I studied with complete focus,but is that enough with not having finance credential in acedamics? I used to give 15 hours to my job that includes 5-6 hours of travelling as well and that too in crowdy buses(I even tired to get some study in that atmosphere too).

Nowadays I don’t get to travel, so that means valuable time saving as compared to earlier for me,therefore,I thought of giving it one more chance.

buddy! can u advise me a study plan on how to go this time.I couldn’t complete studying ebooks from CFA institute in my first attempt.Also I couldn’t make make full use of Kaplan notes as I couldn’t revise it the way I was required to.I know I must give atleast 400-500 hours of study,but,I always feel,your destination is not more important than the path you choose to go have passed this L1 stage,tell me what I must do this time to crack it.

If you spent 45 of the 75 days going over the written material, getting through ~40-50 pages per day of schwesers material (I’m guessing its ~1500 pages), then spent the last 30 days doing topic tests, q banks, making flashcards, drilling, then yes you could. Whether you have the fortitude and desire to do that is up to you. What I do is that I go over the schweser material, make flashcards for the stuff in the quicksheet, flashcards for every problem I get wrong in the blue boxes and questions at eoc, then review them all once per day (yes, my stack is a few inches thick in case any of you are wondering, but it goes fast). I plan on doing mock tests and topic tests for the last 2 months though so I’m giving myself more time.

Sucks that you waited so long to get started. You should generally start Dec or January for the June exam.

buddy I’m not planning to give it in june but Dec.this year!

Ok then, that simplifies things. Bankers usually don’t do the CFA. Its more of an asset management/research type of thing. It may be different in india, which I’m assuming you’re from.

I see this question asked by a lot of current/prospective candidates on this site. I don’t want to blow up your spot, but honestly, if you can’t answer this question for yourself, then you probably shouldn’t do the program. Poor score aside, if you can’t find any direct benefit the CFA charter will have to your current job or your future goals, why waste your time with it? I know that I’ve been asked during interviews why I decided to do the program, so if you decide to go through with the program but give them the wishy-washy answer you have given us, you probably won’t get the job, even if you have the charter.

Never seen it spelt like that. Is that how you say it out loud? “Schweser” vs “Schwesher”

You know, I’ve actually never said it out loud (and don’t generally give it too much thought).

haha “Zing” :stuck_out_tongue: