should i give up on wiley?

I’m so frustrated with wiley! i bought the premium package because of my good experience using them 2 years ago for level 1. Back then life was so simple. All the assignments could be printed- i would print and work through the questions, check my answers and learnt alot.

Unfortunately they moved to using online study portal where all questions have to be done online. This is fine (i believe this is to avoid piracy) but the amount of time i spent on getting help with techical issues is sufficient for me to finish one textbook! examples of issues i face on a daily basis include:

  • Unable to submit my answers after completing an assignment- this means my work for the last hour is wasted.

  • Log in to find my current progress comepletely lost- this means i need to spend time inputing my study strategy again; as well as losing track of all the assignments i have completed.

I wrote to Wiley via emails and contacted them via facebook- they either ignored or claimed that they will get back to me.

I am so disaapointed and tired of writing to their customer support that I am prepared to switch to Schweser. Is anyone else facing the same set of problems?

Have you tried using the chat feature? I haven’t had any technical issues in L2 *fingers crossed* but I’ve had a few other questions between L1 and now L2 and chat has always given me the quickest and most thorough result.

The Chat lady is really helpful for Discounts too, make sure to ask her for spl discount paying for any product on wiley website. They gave me an another 10% off on the video lectures. Just FYI