Should I proceed with thw CFA Level I exam?

Hello guys,

I am new at the forum and in the field in general and I need your help/opinions.

I have a bachelor degree in business administration and a master in marketing, however I have no experience in Finance (just one course in my bachelor).

I am 28, currently unemployed and I registered for the CFA level I exam. in the meantime I got an offer to work again in a marketing position.

My questions are:

a) should I accept the job offer and quit the CFA exam as I do not have any experience and the job will not give me the experience I need?

b) take the job and take the CFA exam until I find another job which will give me the experience for the CFA or

c) do not accept the marketing job and put all of my focus on studying for the CFA?

I know that this is a personal decision but I would like to hear your opinions as you have more experience in regards to the field and the exams.

Thanks for your time!

I’d take the job for now and study for the exam if your goal is to work in Finance.

b) take the job and take the CFA exam until I find another job which will give me the experience for the CFA or

Do you want to work in finance or not?

For someone with no finance background, passing CFA exams will show potential employers your interest (although you shouldn’t assume it’ll guarantee a job)

If you plan on staying in marketing (since you got a master), cfa would be waste of time and money

If you plan to take CFA, don’t quit your marketing job. You don’t need to study full time to pass. Most people I know are able to pass while working full time.

Please take the job. A lot of folks think that passing all 3 levels of CFA is the golden ticket for an IB/high salary job. But No. Let’s just face this reality on Day 0. However, it shows your committment and dedication in the field. Honestly, I think ALL ANALYSTS should take the CFA exam becasue the material in all 3 levels are so basic and fundamental in all area in finance. If we require doctor (and even pharmacy technician) to pass certification exam for their profession, why should people managing billions dollar of retirees’ pension not have to take some sorts of standardized test to hold a certain degree of proficiency.

That’s just my 2 cents.