Should I reread all of the curriculum books or is there a good revision course to use? Retaking the exam

Unfortunately, I’m a 3rd time retaker.

First time, I ran out of time on the AM and bombed that section but did well on PM

Second time, I had the opposite problem in which I did above the average on AM but did worse than average on PM especially ethics

This will be my final try at level 3. What would be the best preparation for this?

If this is your final try then give your best short by reading the curriculum.

How many timed mocks did you write? I would focus on writing at least 10 years worth of AM mocks (I would recommend CFA past papers) and using the CFA online question bank to practice for the Afternoon. I would keep at the online tests until I am getting 90% and above in each section consistently. Read and understand why you failed the questions you bombed. End of Chapter questions are priceless. Make sure you run through all of them at least twice. At this point it is not so much how much you know (believe me you already know this stuff), it is being able to display your knowledge under timed conditions. Good luck.

Good luck, this is my third and last time as well! I’m doing the official books.

you know how to do well on the AM. you know how to do well on the PM. Now put those two together and fucking crush this ******* exam bro!!!


I wonder what that word is hmm…?

**** *****… spelt the right way :wink:

If you’ve done 3 times dont waste yet more time on again re-reading the whole curriculum.

Study smart. If you put in hours and failed, then you failed due to lack of exam practice.

By 3 you’ve jumped the hoop twice now, you know these exams aren’t difficult its just about practice.

If you aren’t doing minimum 10 mocks from different providers pre exam day, you’re reducing your chances considerably. That is not to say people don’t pass doing much less but don’t use outliers as your benchmark.

L3 is the only exam i passed first time and was ironically the level i spent least time on the curriculum. I did every past paper from 2007 - 2017, 3 IFT mocks, 3 BPP mocks, 3 Fitch mocks (one in house and invigilated) - All topic tests.

I didn’t even do most of them closed book. In the beginning I answered them open book - its an incredible learning aid. You need to see as many variations of the same questions as possible so that come exam day curve balls cannot be thrown.

2018 was a hard paper in my opinion. But the repetition of mocks put me into a trance like state where I was writing in auto pilot.

You can do it! Start your mocks and questions early and hammer them until you’re solving LOS’s in your sleep!

I would recommend Level Up Bootcamp & videos. Worked for me and a friend of mine. We both were doing level 3 for a second time and passed this past June. Marc knows how to bring it all together. Highly recommend for level 3.

I’m with ya man. I’m retaking for a 2nd time. Ran out of time and just overall blanked HARD on the AM and did only ok on the afternoon. The net result: MAJOR FAIL. Studying now with a fucking vengeance. I’ve got 2018 and 2019 Kaplan Schweser books side by side to see any differences, adding to my existing Google Doc notes, using as a guide, AND I signed up for which isn’t even offered in my city but I have two friends that swear by it.

May the force be with us all and let us put this gruesome exam behind us!

Rex knows what’s up.