Should I start my studies by reviewing Level II Schweser Secret Sauce Book

I passeed Level 2 in 2013. I did not sit or study for the 2014 Level 3 test. I am now beginning my studies. Does it make sence to spend 2 days rereading the Level 2 Schweser Secrect Sauce book? Or should I just jump right into Level 3 Schweser Notes. In your response, please state if you have previoulsy taken level 3 exam. Thanks all.


should I?

Secret Sauce is junk in my opinion. Don’t waste your time, just jump right into studying the real thing.

I wouldnt worry about L2 work, most of it is repeated in the L3 books as well. I don’t personally like Secret Sauce either (though end of chapter ‘Key Concepts’ is nice to read. It reiterates all the important points in the LOS.

I wouldn’t bother, if you need any specific knowlege from level 2 they will cover it in the level 3 text. I found that level 3 didn’t follow on as much from level 2 as level 2 did from 1.