Should I study for CFA? Can I do it?

Okay… So I tried to study before, gave up for some reasons… Now I want to try for June 2015. I have my doubts, so here is some information.

  1. FR&A is probably the hardest for me, so I read like 80% of the 2011 curriculum last year. Right after reading I scored above 72% (Curiculum quiz + Schweser quiz + All Q’s in Qbank) A year after studying it I score 47% on morning pratice exam (It covers I think 100% of the curriculum while I studied 80% of the book)

  2. Econ is probably easier for me, I scored 82%+ right after reading on every lesson, 45% two years later on a pratcie exam.

  3. Some of my answers are based on intuition and test-taking skills than pure knowlege. I know this thing does not fly on 240-questions exams.

So thoose are my doubts. On the plus side I got a degree in finaical managment from an avarage business school (in the top 1000 worldwide), with avarage grades especialy on fincance subjects. I feel good about models and the quant stuff. The thing that really scares me: Am I sharp enogh? Am I fast enogh? Can I memorize that much?

If I fail it won’t be for lack of effort, dedication or time. I have all the time in the world.

Is there a test that I can take that can tell me if I have the brains to pass the level 1 CFA exam?

How do I got about to test if I can do this?

CFA is not a club of rocket scientists.

It is a club of individuals with average inteligence and above average work ethic.


well sayd, this clears the air abt a whole lot of things.

Wow. I like that, too. That statement gets me pumped up.