Should I study for Level 2 in order?

Hey guys,

I passed my June 2012 Level I exam 2 weeks ago and I’m getting ready to sign up for level II.

For level 1, i didnt study in order. I did Derivatives and Alt, Fixed income, Equity, Corp finance, PM, Economics, FRA, Quants and Ethics.

I left ethics for last to have it fresh in my mind.

Since Level 2 has mini-cases, is it important to study in order? Ethics-alt investment? Is it a build-up type of thing?

Each section is pretty much independent. You can do it however you like it.

Is a good idea to leave short-term memory intensive topics for the last few weeks.

Doing quants first can help other topics. But definitely not mandatory at all… Any order is fine!

Great thanks guys. I’ll stick to my usual order then

I would say if the topics are independent and since we already have knowledge from level 1, start with topic weights having the highest weightage…

PS: If you starting this early, then anything would be fine. But for some who are going to start in dec or later, planning acc to topic weight is prudent.

Agreed. For me I started from FRA, and found out that the first two topic reviews are all about what is learned in level I…

I agree with the others…start with the heaviest weighted topic then proceed further.

Personally, I have started with the Equity portion since that’s the one that has changed in weightage most since level 1…