Should I take another mock tomorrow?

I have done both the CFA mocks and 1 elan (last wed was that one). Have spent most of my time reviewing, doing EOC’s, etc. I still have the CFA practice assements to do as well as review my previous mock wrong answers.

Is it better to do that then take another mock tomorrow? Anyone have thoughts on that? I’ve thought about justt looking at the other two mocks I have and seeing answers, etc instead of doing due to time constraints.

my thoughts, as I’m faced with similar dilemma:

only do another mock if you’ve gone through all the wrong answers from your last mocks, and/or have learned things (improved overall) since then. otherwise I think it’s a waste of time when you could be learning/improving weak areas. taking mocks, aside from practising speed/question answering, isn’t all that productive in and of itself; it’s the analysis AFTER doing the mock and going through where you got stumped, and correcting these mistakes, is where they’re so beneficial (imo). so sure, do a mock if you think you’re in a better spot than previous mocks, but realize you only have minimal time to review it (ie. tmrw evening, and friday) to actually learn from it. just my 0.02

edit: my opinion, given you’ve done 3, it’s not imperitive to do another one. it would be equally and possibly more beneficial to use all that time strenghtening areas. me on the other hand I’ve only done 1 full mock (yesterday) and although I scored well (78%) I’d like to do March Mock tmrw to give me a 2nd one under my belt.

Yeah those are my thoughts as well…thanks!