Should I take CFA level 3 even though I have no relevant working experience?

I passed CFA level 2 this year but I am not sure if I should take CFA level 3 next year since I do not have relevant working experience that will get me the charter.
I am currently working in the Middle Office, which has nothing to do with the investment decision-making process. I am also trying to find new opportunities in the front office but doesn’t seem to be going well.
I don’t think I can look for new opportunities and study for Level 3 at the same time, so any advice on what I should focus on as of now?

If you have passed L2,you will need,and passL3 one day, hopefully.So it should be a function of when can you find more time to prepare
If you are not able to find time in Mid office, finding time( and energy) in front office may get even more difficult :relaxed:

Hi there. Thank you for the reply.
So what you are suggesting is that I should go for Level 3 first, then only worry about the working experience part?

Is it possible that I could never land a job that will fulfill the working experience requirement even if I passed L3?

Firstly, completing you CFA journey,will enhance the chances of your getting a job that will be relevant to experience qualifying for awarding of the charter,as your current/your prospective employer will see value.Secondly,you are not starting your journey of taking the exams,you have already completed two third of the journey.And level3 synthesizes portfolio management topics,and equips you to look at portfolio management from a more holistic perspective.So it equips you the most,skillwise, to fit into investment industry.
And in case you actually land a job that is relevant for experience,then having passed all the levels is vastly more impressive,than just having passed L2. Also,who knows,whether after getting the relevant job,you will get the time to study ,or not.So if you more time right now,go finish it.

Yes - you’ve made it this far, which is impressive in and of itself! Importantly as well, you can still put something like ‘passed all three levels of the CFA exam…’ which is exactly the right signal to employers that you’re serious about moving fields.

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