should i take the offer in commerce industry?

Hi all, I’m currently working as an investment accountant in Custodian, just did Dec 2007 CFA Level 1. I was been offered a Accounting & Finance graduate position with 3 yr rotation in an International commercial firm (the firm i really want to be). havent been confirmed the first role yet but i’m pretty sure its more close to Accounting side & I do want to get CPA done as well. i am thinking if CFA is applicable ourside banking industry at all? if in the future, is CFA gona to help me to reach a role like M&A or commercial analyst within the company side? is it worthwile to take this program & stay in remote areas for ard 2-3 yrs? Thanks in advance!!

any suggestions? Thanks

Long romantic walks are good. Music is good. In its own way, commerce is good, too.