Should I take the offer?

I am currently in financial services, consumer lending department analysing loan product. Have been here for a year and half. very laid back environment with good hours. But of course, with years of study in investment, this is not the ultimate place I want to land on. Given the gloomy economy and my short experience, Ive been looking for internal opportunity instead of external. The treasury department fund transfering pricing ( allocate different funds to each business units) offered me a position lately. I think this might help open the investment door given it is in treasury. But the hours are way longer (12-14 hours a day) and 60%-70% data crunching, with 40% deck preparing. Should I suck in this, take up the offer, and start camping in the office? Is this worth it?

those hours are not too bad… depending on what time you come in, you still have the evenings free! isnt 6 to 6 a normal day in finance?

Takes 2 and half hours commute each day to get to the office. It is located in the burb. I live in the city for apparent reasons. If I add in this, it is 16hours a day, plus one weekend day. Does treasury experience really help open the finance door!!! How much better it makes my resume look? (after all it is 60% data crunching).

Much better comp?

Ouch that’s a LOOOOONG commute.

Err… it’s really hard to say with so few details. Will the treasury job actually involve analyzing the returns from various businesses, or will you just be recording numbers? Without knowing any specifics about the two jobs, I would pick the one that pays more money; higher pay usually equals higher prestige.

Move to the burb! I mean, how many times do you actually benefit from living in the city with such a commute? If you live in the suburb and go to the city twice a week you have the commute twice. If you live in the city you have the commute 5 times, guaranteed.

If the money is right and you are looking to advance your career, take the gig and move closer to the new office.

Take the job if its 25% more moeny, and MOVE! You’ll save money on rent out of the city.

What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to work in asset management on the investment side? You described your current job and the new opportunity in very vague terms, but from what you have written, I frankly have no idea why you’d think the treasury role would get you closer to investment management. Given that the link seems to be quite tenuous, if comp is roughly the same, I’d stick with the old position – particularly since even the new role doesn’t sound like where you want to be ultimately, and it would give you less time to job hunt elsewhere. I think you need to give a more detailed description of the two positions, as well as details about comp, in order for anyone to give you real advice though.

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singlesong80: vague descruption of your current job. Just from reading the high level description, it appears more interesting and a better experience than the treasury role. Dont know what type of industry you’re in but I’m at a bank and the treasury role you describe pretty much entail: 1) A division need capital for an investment. 2) Provided that they are within their risk limits, you provide the capital. 3) You charge an internal funding rate for the funds provided 4) Whatever funds you have left, you place it in some money market instrument (or even more boring, and likely now days, with the fed). And that’s it. But sure, if this is a Front Office position, it might open some doors internally in the future