Should one take Level II

Any idea on how much traction this designation has got in the last three years? If someone already has his CFA Charrter and Masters, how much more credentials will the CAIA hold?

I know a lot of portfolio managers and alternative investment folks who have their CFA and are now doing the CAIA. The bigger the shop the more letters they want.

surely there is a max to the number of letters we should get?

How about CFA, CAIA, FRM & CIPM in no particular order. Though I suspect these may be followed by divorce!

Somehow I think after three designations, you have over done it and people will start hating you at work…LOL

Not unless you leave the most useful one (CFA) for last :slight_smile:

[yes, one of three or four if last must be the CFA…hahaha] just to show you are part of the cult that suffered massive pain and deserve some respect for it;)