Should we practice the AM fixed income sections?

I noticed the IFT document that shows the relevancy of questions from past exams labels all of the fixed income questions as not relevant. I’m curious if any of you are attempting them or ignoring them. Thank you for any replies!

If you look at them you will notice that a lot of questions are completely off topic regarding CFA 2018 Curriculum (Fixed Income Reading were completely rewritten this year).

I agree, it’s completely rewritten. How are you guys planning to practice fixed income since it’s all new and there are no past exams on that?

I’m currently just redoing the EOCs and Topic Tests for Fixed Income. Would love to know if others found a better way to prepare for the AM section for Fixed Income since the curriculum in 2018 makes the previous exams irrelevant.

agree- usually IFT has been pretty accurate about these things.

Not sure why would they include prior years FI AM questions for this year…

so whats the solution to this matter?