Shout out to Chad

By the way, big shout out to Chad. I had requested my shirt about a month ago wanting to wear it to a live mock and I hadn’t heard anything so I followed up to my email from April 15 on May 15 wanting to know the status of the shirt since the mock was on the 18th. It hadnt been sent yet so Chad put in priority mail and it got here on the 17th…and that’s wassup. Thanks man.


I rquested mine couple of months ago, never got one :frowning:

I never realized the benefit of not having private messaging on AF until recently when I realized, hey just start threads called “Yo AF user” as a way of directed messaging.

Carry on. I need to begin thinking about what to use my AF points on…

Preppie, I just searched my emails and found your request. I apologize for letting this slip through the cracks. I will send out your tee shirt this week.

If anyone else has not received their rewards, please let me know and I will re-send them.

AF points are milestones not the redeemable type. So when you hit the milestone you get that freebie, no point thinking about what you want.

PS: never received mine either but I will just wait til the next milestone to request em lol

I got the MOTHER LODE from Chad last week…thanks dude, it was worth the wait!

thanks Chad, smiley