Shoutout: S2K

Your fixed income videos you did were great.

You’re very easy to listen to, an engaging speaker, and the light humor was the cherry on top.

Although I already forgot the German word for when spreads widen - I won’t need that on exam day will I?

I really appreciate your kind words.

I started teaching in 1980, so 38½ years in the classroom is a big help. Being an entertainer − a magician − helps a lot as well. This material can be very dry and very boring, so I try to enliven it as much as I can.

I don’t even recall mentioning a German word for when spreads widen. You’ll have to refresh my memory, or, at least, let me know which video it was so I can go back and look. I have a general script that I follow, but I tend to ad lib a lot. I suspect that it won’t arise on exam day, so you can relax.

Thanks so much!

Where can I get my hands on these videos?

Does bill have a manly voice, a feminine voice, or a soothing voice? Does he have filler words … like Mark Meldrum’s “uh uh uh” throughout his videos lol… Which doesnt really take away from his teaching, it is good.

Well, Bill has a slick mustache, and sweet hat. 10/10. #wouldrecommend.

Now… gotta plug my boy Nathan Ronen once more - if you ain’t using to prep for the CFA exams (with S2K utilization). . . are you even prepping?

#nahfam #stepup

S2000magician has made videos? From where may I purchase/download them?

The post above yours provided you with a clue.

congrats s2k! shoutout to the shoutout! AF BROTHERHOOD!

before I die, I vow to party with you.

and sweep the leg. That guy owes me a couple shots