Shoutout to Bill Campbell III (S2000magician)

I just had an AM grading session with Bill, and thought I should let you guys know that I got a lot of value out of not only how I went wrong, but perhaps most importantly, how I could go about improving my score. He also sheds light on how other candidates approach the same type of questions, and the common pitfalls that candidates make. He genuinely likes doing what he does, and it shows from his content quality and his grading session. Highly recommend you to check it out if you are unsure as to how you should strategize around your AM session.

His mock is also very nicely written. Definitely one (or should I say, a few) step up from another well-known provider for CFA review content. Check out at least one of it to get a feel. I initially didn’t want to, but I am very glad I did.

Disclosure: He does not ask for a review, nor mention of writing one. I just feel compelled as his session was really helpful and gave me plenty of strategies/opportunities to squeeze more juice out of my AM.

i like his mock better than any other provider.

Hi imthekin,
are you sitting for upcoming Dec 2020 exam? And for the AM grading with magician, just wondering what mock exam are you using for grading? I thinking of getting the AM grading services too but will be sitting for May CBT 2021 exam instead.