Show your calculation

If question requires you to show calculatio , what information is needed to show? I think the cfa model answer is too detailed.

for example, like 2011, q4, show calculation using Cobb-douglas, is it required to show like below?

Projected annual GDP growth rate = growth in total factor production + output elasticity of capital x growth…l

= 2.8% + 0.4 x 3.6%…

We need to write the formula in word?

I would write it out or at least do the abbreviation for it

∆Y/Y = ∆A/A + α∆K/K + (1 – α)∆L/L

Because if you get the answer wrong do to placing a number in the wrong place, from what I understand, the grader will give you partial credit.

That’s the best(using well known symbols) I can do in the exam. Writing too many words will made me physically as well as mentally tired.