shweser volume 2 practise exams.....please share the exp

i dont knw abt others but i jus gave the first exam frm shweser vol2 practise exams…and got 66% only…plus i took 40 mins extra to finish …now i really feel sad…i was scoring decent in volume 1 shweser practise exams… has ne1 else also exp the same thing ??

vol 2 is lengthy. but i think u have a lot of scope to cut back on the time…try increasing the speed.

I had the same problem. I was scoring well on Volume 1 only to turn around and receive a depressing score on the first Volume 2 exam. I think that it’s safe to say it is harder and that the volume 1 exams are a better indication of what we’ll see next week.

i hope that too…nw i also thinkin not to solve this volume 2 ne further specially in the last week …dont wanna feel low in those times…

Volume 2 tends to be a lot more time consuming and harder in terms of an increasing number of intermediate/harder questions as opposed to Volume 1. I found the level 1 exam in December 08 much easier than the schweser level 2 books.

all right thanks …that really helped…

I have also heard that schweser exams although harder than the real thing, are a better prep tool. If your debating between books one and two, i’d go with two. It is lengthier and harder but forces you to understand the concepts on a deeper level.