Shwesser L3 cover 2013

By the looks of their site, this is going to be the face of Shwesser Level 3 for the coming year…

And at the other levels… Level 1 - Level 2 -

Schweser was really helpful for all 3 levels. I have used Schweser Question Bank and practice tests, including the mock exam. I haven’t used study notes or videos at all, just studied from the CFA cirriculum. Schweser tests are great for practice purposes.

Question Bank questions are relatively easy, but helps you to learn and understand topics in details (questions are categorized according to topics). QBank helps you reinforce your knowledge of a particular topic.

Practice tests are great tool, especially if you’ve left 1 month until the exam. Throughout the last month, solve as many practice tests as you can and try to understand each practice test throughouly. I am glad that I have used them. Do not study a lot 2-3 weeks before the exam, I think it’s useless because you will jam too much information into your brain. Instead, use Schweser practice tests, local society CFA exams and CFA practice exam.

Good choice of model I think; this young lady is quite believable as a CFA candidate.


Yep, south Asian cutey. Doesn’t schweser know that everyone there buys knockoffs?

I hate the guy in 2012. angry

^ ya seeing him ma wyf used to tease me saying if you don’t pass soon…you’l start to go bald like him cheeky

Latina, I thought.

I will let you know what she cooks for my breakfast.