Siberian bear hunting suit

Wait, so this was on the internet since 2012? In Soviet Russia, bear is impaled by you!

I wouldn’t want to test this. In theory it may work, or if a bear is pissed off enough (Siberia is mostly brown bears aka kodiacs) it may not work until it’s already killed you with a first strike. So, possibly effective, but would not want to rely on it.

Good thing you told me that, as otherwise, I would have thought that bear hunting in a gimp suit is a good idea.

Perfect for that Wurthering Heights reunion with your honey.

At first, I was suspicious I may have taken the article too seriously. Then you responded, and I knew for sure that I had.

Cut two big holes for the bo0bs and another two on the shoulders and there you have a perfect dominatrix costume. I love shoulders … mmmmmm.

I would love to roll around in bubble packaging with that thing on…yeah.

did you know hugo boss deisigned the Nazi uniforms?

and yet again ohai demonstrates his power to dig up the most random stuff…

Behold!!! Now THIS is a rootin’-tootin’, bear-fightin’ suit!!!