Side effects of Propecia

“Dentist Accused Of Making Patients Swallow His Semen”

"Hall’s former assistant Cheryl Lynn MacLeod testified Saturday that she found it odd that Hall began asking her to leave a patient’s side to retrieve items that he never used.

She also became suspicious when she overheard him tell patients to “swallow” something, and when she saw him take a syringe out of his lab coat pocket while working beside a patient."

“He was collecting his semen because he was taking Propecia, a drug to promote hair growth, and was concerned about potential side effects that include low sperm count and diminished semen”

When will the moral corruption of Propecia finally end?

If I were one of the “victims” I would feel flattered that he chose me. I would feel pretty.

the fuq.

Propecia’s helluva drug.

That is f’n funny.