Side Hustles

What are some reliable side hustles? I used to drive Uber, but I need something that I can do remote. For example, I have a friend who works as a petroleum engineer part-time remotely and another that day trades and makes money consistently. I don’t think I could do those, but do any of you have things you’ve executed? Just trying to up my chedda!

It’s much easier to make money once you have some money. Having capital work for you seems to be some cheat code used by rich people. I understand though, that this is not an option for some people sometimes. So, I’ve observed a few activities done by people I know:

  1. Rent extra rooms on AirBnb. There are risks, admittedly. One guy I know got some tourists who did pee sex on the bed.

  2. “Donate” sperm (not really a donation, since they pay you)

  3. Uber, but only during surge hours, like hauling drunk ass people at 2AM

  4. Sign up for science research, if you live near a university. I volunteered to be studied for all kinds of research while in college, and this helped pay my tuition.

  5. Start a fake “financial independence” blog and sell false hope to hacksaw office drones (all those so-called “retired” people seem to still work “for insurance” or because they “choose to”).

  6. If you have money, do investment research for yourself. What I learned and applied in investments has easily been worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars so far.

There he goes again!! You sly bastid.

I second this. In just my own workplace, its amazing how many people working in a financial services firm have bought into scams like this. Must inspire a lot of confidence in clients. And like motivational speakers, it doesn’t seem like you need to be a particularly charismatic person to pull it off.

My own preferred side hustle is working for an online essay/assignment-checking service. Can work from anywhere anytime you have an internet connection.

6 is key. even if you dont have enough money now. learning about a company and understanding how it works is important. if its a winner and its a big company, its going to be a scalable money maker in the future. and it wont matter if you have a million to invest or 100m, they will generate the same percentage return. it just sucks right now when i can only put about 10k a stock, even if i am a great stock picker, a 20% return per year in 4 years will only double my investment. or earning only 2k per year. anyways i see this as good practice right now. and if i am good.i know that whatever i learned, i can scale up, and the time i spent learning who the winners and losers are in the stock market will not be for a measly 2k gain!

Bitcoin, probably should buy Bitcoin

I know it’s not viewed as a great website for investment advice, but you could become a contributor on Seeking Alpha (it’s easy).

I used to write an article right before earnings for Apple, Tesla, and Amazon each quarter. Each article maybe took an hour to write since I used the same template and i normally made $100 off each one.

i love seeking alpha. great source of info for instant news, transcripts, presentations, adn earnign summary. i just let the notifications pile up. lots of contributor info is shit so i typically read it when i take a shit.

sell drugs?.. I’m buying if you’re sell.,…

alternative… become a plumber. Should be easy as pie./…and you can charge a sh i t load for virtually no work.

i acquire and build multifamily. Small units like 3-4 units. My neighbor does the same.

i only do condo units. build in 4 months and get out.

I imagine you have substantial net worth to post as collateral…How would someone get unsecured capital to build those units otherwise?

if you partner up with reputable developer or builder in your area, you’ll be able to get a construction loan. There is more capital than projects so banks would be happy to lend.

No collateral. Formed as LLC which the owner is another LLC, which represents me. The collateral is the land/building.

So none of your individual credit profile is considered? Ie DTI, LTV (maybe this one…), etc…

why would a developer or builder partner up with you? jw wondering what you bring to the game


Real estate guys are always capital constrained. They are balance sheet rich but cash flow poor ha ha

ok cool. im not big into RE so just asking out of curiosity.

why cant they get the capital from a bank then?

Then the developer will have risk if the project does not do well. Presumably, developer is taking a cut here and benzo takes most or all the risk in failure. Good plan actually.

That’s why he went from Infiniti to benzo