side track.. but have you seen this yet?

Yeah -my old BA II Profesisonal was stolen so I actually bought the first one in the link above and i had to call them to confirm it was CFA friendly

Too many features on the second one … Is it lowes for CFA ?

I wanted to have a backup so I went to Staples and bought the second one you have linked, it’s the new (to me) version of the BA II Plus. I like it a lot more than the one I bought about 2 years ago (the second one pictured in this wiki: Note it says CFA friendly on the packaging and is just a redesign, all the functions and operations are exactly the same.

The buttons have a positive click and they aren’t wobbly and squishy like the old one so I’m more confident in my keystrokes. Also the numbers are larger (although the viewing angle is worse) and the case locks in securely instead of rattling around. Considering how much I use my calculator I really like these small improvements and haven’t used my old one since I bought the “backup.”

I wish they had that BA II Plus app for android too.

According to the packaging the professional (1st link) has more features than the plus (2nd link.)

yes, the buttons are much better