sign up for level 2 or finish off gmat???

Just passed level 1 and am about to sign up for level 2 in June 09… I am thinking though instead maybe I should study hard for the next 2-3 months on the gmat and get it out of the way… after level 2 next summer I just want to focus on mba applications. i know this isn’t an mba forum, but how was your experience with the gmat compared to cfa? Can one study for 2-3 months and do well on the gmat? let me know your thoughts, including if you think I am crazy. thanks.

I think you can do fine on the GMAT in that time frame but you risk being really burnt out by next June. I would try to complete the CFA first. . . I doubt that you want to work towards your MBA and CFA at the same time anyhow.

feeling burnt out is the story of my life. well the way i planned it, i would (hopefully) pass level 2 in june '09, apply for mba in fall '09, take level 3 in June '10, and start school in fall '10. a little ambitious, i know, but i just want to be done with all this schooling/exams within the next 3-4 years. After that, just enjoy life and hopefully make good money on the side.

It is doable. . . but its gonna be painful. Best of luck. . . you can do it if you give it 100%. I would be impressed.

You have ample time to take the GMAT in a few months and then get to work on LII.

a couple montms prep for the gmat would really be overkill. after a couple weeks you should be ready to get a really good score. i wouldn’t worry about studying for both for the same time. gmat is WAY easier than cfa.