significance column

Sometimes given quant materials they will give std error t stat and then a column that says signifiance and a lot of times in the significance of _ column it says 0. for example one of the mock questions the F stat is 260 or something super high so you know its significant…so why does it say 0 in the signifiance column…what does that column mean?

That’s a p-value. Think of it as the observed level of significance, where α is the chosen level of significance.

A value of 0 means that at any chosen level of significance you would reject the null hypothesis: the coefficient is unquestionably significant.

It’s the observed significance for the test-- in other words, the p-value (remember, a lower p-value implies greater significance). The observed significance isn’t really zero, but for practical purposes it’s zero, (p-value could be 0.00003528, for example).

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ohh okay i didnt know they were interchangeable…one more ? how come they give the value of the t-statistic and another column with just t statisitic…whats the difference?