Significance of People on Schweser books vs. Nature on CFAI books



or should we rephrase it to, “Significance of only hot chicks on Schweser books vs. Nature on CFAI books”

Level 3 has people on the covers, level 1 and 2 has nature. I just got my level 3 books, has it always been like this?

^ how’s the L3 cover then, better then schweser or CFAI has put guys on cover?

I liked last year l.II Schweser cover. My vote goes for schweser

I just got new cfai level II books, and there are CFA charter holders on the covers. Three of them are celebrities from the cfai website, and some got votes on hot celebrities thread. Three out of six are ladies, and three out of six are Asian.

I’ve heard about some hot asian on a schweser cover that was single-handedly responsible for a low pass rate in like 08 or something - anyone know of this temptress?

So it was this year, a hot Asian on schweser level II and 39% pass rate