Signing off

Paddling up an endless river, you spot the old rail bridge up ahead. Your destination. Battered, sore, and worn from the current-waged war, you gather wet clothes and scale the river bank - a climb too steep, too much, too long, yet it’s a climb your weary legs will make. Collapse into the tall bermuda grass for a while. Let the sun bake the sweat from your face, the blood from your hands, and the tears from your eyes. No, this is not heaven. But life, after CFAI. I will miss you all. Let’s do this. - ilvino

thanks for all your help. Good luck!

thanks for all the help. stay true to the pledge.

Good luck Ilvino, you’re a lock!

What a touching poem! Good luck!

Dude that is one long haiku. I don’t think the form is exactly right, but nice work anyway.