Signing up for L2

I took L1 this December and I’m trying to sign up for L2. I am able to login to the candidate site, but whenever I click on “sign up for an exam” a window opens and prompts me to login again. It then won’t accept my user name and password. I’ve tried this numerous times and the same thing keeps happening. Is anyone else having trouble signing up for L2? If L1 was as hard as manuevering through the CFA website, I would never pass.

Did not have this problem. You did pass L1 so it should let you sign up for L2. Do you owe them money? haha I would just call/email them for tech support.

The only thing I can of is I just recently changed my education profile to indicate that I received my bachelors. I signed up for L1 when I was still in school. I hope this would be an instant change to allow me to register…