Signs of the Apocalypse

Several Signs You’re Suffering Burnouteach compiled at tremendous personal cost:

  1. The mere sight of Andrew Homles, or Jonathon Bone makes you scream

  2. You know what Durbin-Watson means

  3. On an elevator this morning, you think you saw the Asian kid on the Schweser covers

  4. You actually drove to the test site – last month

  5. You know who Dr. Tolia is

  6. Deltas and Thetas are no longer hot chicks from your college-era photo album.

  7. Someone said “that’s wack!” and you asked how they calculated that without knowing the tax rate?

  8. You ran a regression of study time output for each of the 18 SS.

  9. PAC I . . . Freddie Mac . . . liquidity risk . . . , err, . . . temporal method . . . WTF!!!

  10. Its Friday night and you are posting on Analyst Forum . . . . pray that I get a life soon.

I almost spit out my coffee reading #7.

I almost spit out my Gordon Biersch vienna…actually I live way to far away to even dream about it but your name reminded me of nights at ATT Park , beer and Gordon Biersch garlic fries

number 6 is quality

lol’d at number three. This guy is looking creepier each day, especially now all 5 books are staring me in the face.

hahahaha nice one. in australia there’s been lots of articles about mine workers recently who are known as fly in fly out workers…FIFO…every time i see them my brain starts going “higher gross profit, higher net profit, lower cashflow due to taxes”

CFA nerds… lol


this video makes me laugh every time I see it