Silent Lurker

Hello Everyone, I have been one of the silent lurkers on here over the last few months. I get pretty worried every time I see results from people who were doing practice exams in mid November. To be honest, I still haven’t finished reading all the Schweser notes. I am half way through Derivatives and then have to complete AI (I should be done reading them tonight). I have the rest of the week off work. I was wondering how I should allocate my time. I have done no practice exams and have access to QBank. Below are my thoughts. Maybe someone has some constructive ideas they can share. Mon: Finish Readings Tues: AM: Review Ethics PM: Read Secret Sauce Wed: AM: Read Secret Sauce PM: 60 Q-Bank Questions with detailed review of answers Thurs: AM: Do 120 timed questions from the CFA mock exam PM: Detailed Review of Answers for entire exam and QBank for weaker areas Fri: AM: Review Ethics PM: Do Nothing. Relax and Early Night. Sat: Kick Ass :slight_smile: Thank you for your help.

Reading is good, but try to do a few problem every day. Also I’d substitute CFA practice/mock exams for qbank at this stage. Review the relevant LOS from missed answers. Better than wasting time reading stuff you already know

i say mock exams forget the samples…do both and review your answers from there find ur weakest area and make an exam from the QBANK.

I would be tempted to make more use of Qbank. Review ethics - do a smaller quiz just on ethics read Secret Sauce a topic at a time and bang out a small Qbank quiz on the topic. Move to next topic and repeat. Banking one only one 120 question quiz to highlight all the weak areas may not be statistically significant to highlight all that is needed. Again I would be wanting to use Qbank more. I am planning on doing at least one 120 question quiz each day this week.

I would do CFA samples and Mock to get use to how the questions are asked

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the input. Hopefully there are others in the same spot as me. Good luck to everyone.

i don’t know how it is for you, but one mistake i made 2-3mths ago was just doing the schweser readings/video lectures and not doing questions to reinforce the concepts right afterwards. at this point with less than a week to go, i am in a similar situation (not solid on derivs or AI). due to time constraints, the way i am doing it is starting with the largest weighted sections (FSA, quant, ethics, econ, etc etc…)… over the last couple of weeks thats all i have been doing is the questions… u can even ‘cheat’ while doing it, checking ur notes if u don’t know how to answer something but i def wouldn’t suggest just reading…